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Milky Way over Moraine Lake

September 2022
The grand spectacle of the Milky Way over Moraine Lake, a rare dark and clear night at one of the most famous viewpoints in the Canadian Rockies.

Monarch Icefield Traverse

April 2022
The Wolverine and the Butterfly, a 20-day ski traverse into the coastal Monarch Icefields, by guest authors Ken Lee and Aaron Snider.

Orion over Abraham Lake

January 2022
A brief window of clear weather spurs an overnight trip to Abraham Lake to explore the gorgeous Orion region of the galaxy under a perfect dark sky.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

October, 2021
Ancient fossils, beautiful dark skies and wildly eroded desert landscapes make for a great fall trip to Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta.

Moonrise on the Bugaboos

September, 2020
A billion stars shining above granite spires, followed by the magic of moonrise at Bugaboo Park, British Columbia.
Alpine astronomy

Alpine astronomy

August, 2020
Night sky photography and climbing mountains made for a spectacular weekend of alpine astronomy in Rogers Pass.

The beauty of barley and hops

April, 2020
An exploration into the process, chemistry and 7,000 year tradition of brewing beer.

Milky Way over Peyto Lake, Banff, Canada

February, 2020
A brief window of great weather enables a capture of the winter Milky Way over Peyto Lake in Banff, plus some great skiing.
Door, Blatten, Zermatt, Switzerland

Black and white, pure and simple

December, 2019
Added a new image collection because I love the simplicity and timeless look of black and white photography.
Marc riding in St George, Utah

Winter riding in St George, Utah

February 2019
An attempt to escape the Canadian winter results in being chased by snowstorms through the desert of Arizona and Utah.
Looking north at Skyline Arch, Arches National Park

Skyline Arch, Arches National Park

December 2018
Gave two talks on night photography to the Royal Astronomy Society of Canada, Okanagan section. Great group of people passionate about the night sky!
Berg on board

Kayaking in Glacier Bay

August 2018
A few weeks sea kayaking in the stunning wilderness of Alaska with rain forest, giant marine mammals, and bears. Big, friendly bears.

Dog photo sessions

June 2018
Dog photography sessions are now available. The perfect gift for the canine in your life.
Milky Way over Gooseberry Mesa, St. George, Utah

Milky Way over Gooseberry Mesa, Utah

April 2018
This image made the cover of May/June SkyNews magazine, from Camping Under a Billion Stars.
Buck Canyon, Canyonlands National Park

Buck Canyon, Utah

March 2018
Back from a photography and biking road trip to Utah. Love the southwest desert!
Sunset at Anderson Bottom on the Green River, Canyonlands National Park, Utah. High-contrast black and white conversion.

Green River, Canyonlands National Park

March 2017
In our more-is-never-enough society, the popularity of over-saturated photos triggers a rant about embracing reality and how less is more.
Totality. The corona glows behind the black hole that was the sun. 400mm lens, 50% crop.

The 2017 total solar eclipse

September 2017
SkyNews magazine publishes the story of our Vanagon-enabled road trip to Oregon to witness the solar eclipse.
Heading towards Mt. Collie on the Wapta Icefields

Towards Mt. Collie, Wapta Icefields, Banff/Yoho

March 2017
A mix of good and bad weather on the Wapta Icefields traverse from Bow to Stanley Mitchell huts.