Darren Foltinek

Darren Foltinek. Photo: Rob C.

Frontrange Imaging is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I’m fundamentally a guy who loves exploring the great outdoors and sharing it with others. The beauty, scale and diversity of nature has inspired a lifetime of learning photography to be able to capture those moments full of awe and wonder.

Earth is our only home in a unimaginably vast Universe, and it is my sincere hope that these images and stories will inspire people to enjoy, care for and protect the ecosystem and natural beauty of our planet.

Email: darren (at) frontrange.ca


The front range of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

The front range of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

The geological term Front Range describes the range of mountains at the leading edge of the deformation that produced them.

In Western Canada, these are the first peaks that you see when traveling west from the prairies, through the foothills and into the Rocky Mountains.


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