The joy of dog
…captured for all time




Outdoor photo sessions

Did someone say cheese? Here’s what an outdoor photo session is all about:

  • We agree on a time and place to meet, usually in the evening when the light is best.
  • We go for a walk, between one and two hours.
  • You and your dog play, bringing out their personality.
  • I suggest scenes and capture the action.
  • Within a few days, you receive a web gallery containing the best images, plus a link to high resolution images.

There are several off-leash areas within Calgary that offer beautiful, natural photogenic environments. Over an hour, your dog will have time to get comfortable, explore the area, and we will find plenty of photographic opportunities and capture great memories!

Does your dog love water? Open fields? Tall grass? Forest? All the above, plus squirrels? We’ll pick a location that lets your dog be their doggiest!





Basic photo session

The basic photo session is $225 and includes:

  • up to two hours of outdoor photography in Calgary
  • one or two dogs being photographed
  • one person who may be photographed with their dog
  • professional processing of images
  • high-resolution images ready for printing
  • a public or private (password protected) web gallery




Deluxe photo session

Do you have something special in mind? We can make it work!

  • extra canine friends
  • extra human friends
  • special locations

Preparing for a photo session

Please bring a favorite toy and some treats for your dog so they can be fully engaged with you while I blend into the background and capture the action. When (if!) your dog is resting, those peaceful, relaxed moments also make beautiful portraits.

Of course, your dog will look best if they have been freshly bathed and brushed.

Please let me know if you have a high-needs dog, for example: aggressive, can’t go off-leash, shy or afraid, and we can discuss a photography solution that works for everybody.

Mylo makes the catch



Weather problems

As we all know, the weather changes constantly in Alberta.

It does not have to be sunny, but if our scheduled photo session is rained out, we will select a new day at no extra cost.


  • transportation time outside Calgary city limits ($30/hr)
  • professional printing of images on archival art paper
  • custom image processing ($50/hr)
Cobber makes it rain





Simple: you do not pay if you are not satisfied with the images*.

*The web gallery allows you to preview the images, while the full-resolution images are available after payment has been received. Web gallery contains water-marked images.


My dog is afraid of strangers. Can we still work together? Sure, we should be able to work something out. I’ll bring some bacon.

Can you photograph my cat? Snake? I prefer working with dogs because I was one in a previous life. But cats and snakes are cool too.

My dog does not go outdoors. Can we shoot indoors? I prefer shooting outdoors because of the variety of scenes, interesting light, and exciting action. Indoor photography is not really my thing.

Whoa, is that a wolf?! Yes she is!




The black and white images are cool. Are those included? A couple black and white images are included, but you can always request more. That falls under “custom image processing”.

My dog is not much of an athlete. Can we still get action shots? We will work with whatever you and your dog are comfortable with. It’s all about capturing their personality.

My dog got sick or injured, can we reschedule? Yes of course.

My dog can’t go off-leash. Can we still have a session? Yes, there are always options. The simplest is to work in a safe place like a fenced-in yard.

What’s the best time of year for a photo session? Anytime! In the spring there are wildflowers and fresh grass, during the summer the grass is tall and the trees are green, fall can have green grass and fresh snow, and in the winter we have snow and beautiful, low-angle light all day.

Contact me

Who wants to go for a walk? Drop me a note and let’s plan a photo session.

Sample galleries

Here are a few of my favorite dog sessions over the years, to give you an idea of what to expect. We will capture as wide a variety of emotions, perspectives and scenes as possible.



Flora and Dave

Flora and Dave



Some of these are ARF rescue dogs, who I’ve been volunteering with for many years. The wolves are Dave and Flora, brother and sister hand raised wolves who live at North Lights Wolf Center in Golden, British Columbia.