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Moraine Lake Stars

The Wolverine and the Butterfly

Orion over Abraham Lake

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Bugaboos Moonrise

Alpine astronomy

Brewing story

Peyto Lake stars

Okanagan Lake paddle

Desert snow

Glacier Bay sea kayaking, Alaska

No bad weather in the desert

San Juan bike tour

Solar eclipse in Oregon

French – Haig – Robertson ski tour, Kananaskis

Less is more

Bow – Yoho ski traverse, March 2017

Film thinking in a digital world

Sir Sandford ACC Camp, July 2016

Camping under a billion stars, Utah, May 2016

St. George and Zion park, Utah, May 2016

Green River, Canyonlands, Utah, May 2016

Tusk Peak, Clemenceau ACC Camp, July 2015

Mt. Clemenceau ACC camp, July 2015

Early winter ski and sky in Kananaskis

Million star hotel, Lake O’Hara, Nov 2014

Yoho Stars, Sept 2014

Tracy Arm Kayaking, Alaska, Aug 2014

Kluane National Park, Yukon, Aug 2014

Haute Route Ski Traverse, May 2014

Wolf Dances, April 2014

Wapta Whiteout, March 2014

Galaxies over Mt. Kidd, February 2014

Hilda Hut Skiing, January 2014

Columbia Icefields Night Sky, September 2013

UK Explorations, June 2013

Bonnington Ski Traverse, March 2013

Valkyr Lodge, New Years 2013

Down Under, December 2012

The Other Vegas, November 2012

Victoria North, August 2012

Lyell Icefield, July 2012

Kendel, UK, June 2012

Stanley Mitchell Hut, April 2012

Sentry Lodge ski trip, March 2012

Barcelona, history

Barcelona, the works of Gaudi

Barcelona Streets, November 2011

Peyto Hut Hike and Ski, May 2011

Columbia Icefields Weekend, Part II

Columbia Icefields Weekend, Part I

Mt. Alexandra, Alpine Club of Canada, 2011

Moab, Utah, February 2011

Johnstone Strait Sea Kayak, July 2010

ACC camp, Melville Group, 2009

Mt. Wooley and Diadem, July 2009

Mt. Lefroy, July 2009

Mt. Assiniboine Attempt, August 2006

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